Our Products

Ground beef with consistent quality, value,and flavor.


The Balter brand ground beef line is 100% beef, packed in a wide variety of lean points, grind specifications, chub and case sizes. Our ground beef is made to order to ensure freshness and an extended shelf life. Our product typically arrives at our customers’ door within a matter of days after it was packed. Private labeling is also available by request.


Our exceptionally flavorful ground beef patties deliver solid performance. Balter Burgers are available in a full range of patty sizes in both vacuum-sealed and bulk packaging. The vacuum-sealed option supplies an extended shelf-life for fresh patties as well as the ease of handling and preparing just the quantity that you need. Bulk packaging is geared toward export and institutional clients who require a frozen, aggressively priced product. We have recently developed retail packaged ground beef patties in response to market demand.


Our “Higher Ground” brand brick-packed ground beef is ideal for retailers to attract the home cook. One pound, 80/20 packages are convenient and fresh and work perfectly for a family dinner of tacos, lasagna, meatballs, or wherever your new recipe may take you.