Our Products:

Wholesale beef, pork, poultry, dairy and more.
Product diversification, including corn fed mid-western pork, ethnic specialties
as well as a variety of smoked meat and sausages. We specialize in individually
formulated ground beef and ground beef patty production.

The Balter Advantage:

Small enough to offer personalized service and product customization,
yet large enough to accommodate orders of any size. Each order is processed and cut
according to customer specifications. The convenience of unmatched delivery speed,
usually with same day deliveries. Experienced service and sales representatives who
are familiar with you and your company's needs are always available to assist you.


Our Reputation:

Known as a company with the freshest products and the fairest prices.
We dedicate ourselves to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction to consistently
meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Consistent and dependable quality and service.


Our Market:

Servicing local restaurants, grocery stores, distributors, caterers, and government institutions, including correctional facilities and school systems.